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Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Group CBS has affiliated companies throughout the U.S. and in the U.K. which provide premier products and unparalleled capabilities and services to the industrial, utility, electrical distribution, and repair markets.

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Group CBS, PowerTest Grow up Together

Group CBS, PowerTest Grow up Together

Learn how our affiliate companies can help with your toughest electrical equipment challenges:

1. Field services. Western Electrical Services has 27 NETA-certified technicians to provide testing services to the highest safety and reliability standards. The work experience, education, and training of our NETA technicians ensures they are current with new technologies and have the knowledge to test a wide variety of power systems.

2. Equipment sales and service. Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc., provides new, surplus, obsolete, and remanufactured electrical equipment and replacement parts from the largest inventory in the U.S. CBS Northeast and Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair carry a vast inventory of parts and also specialize in the repair, remanufacture, upgrade, and life extension of power distribution equipment. Meanwhile, CBS Nuclear specializes in shop and field servicing of Class 1E safety-related switchgear and circuit breakers.

We are the Gulf Coast’s #1 service shop for low- and medium-voltage circuit breaker repair, remanufacture, upgrade and life extension services. Replacement parts are our specialty and we also sell circuit breakers, switchgear and other power distribution equipment. 

3. Special component suppliers. Need a specialty part? Solid State Exchange & Repair Co. repairs, replaces, and tests electronic devices for a broad range of circuit breakers. Vacuum Interrupters, Inc., (VI) offers bottle replacements for all types of breakers and contactors.

4. Engineered solutions. Group CBS affiliate companies provide a number of specially engineered solutions. VI boasts the vacuum interrupter test set, instrument transformer tester, and circuit breaker timer, along with our HVLab, a high-voltage laboratory equipped with specialized test equipment and measuring instrumentation to evaluate and certify low- and medium-voltage electrical equipment. For arc-flash protection, CBS ArcSafe is your one-stop shop, with hundreds of remote racking and remote switch actuator solutions.

Like NETA and PowerTest, Group CBS has matured in its offerings to accommodate a wide variety of customers with electrical testing, equipment, specialty components, and engineered solutions. Contact us for your next project.

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