Millions of vacuum interrupters are beyond or approaching the end of their design life. Group CBS has developed a revolutionary, proprietary technology that breathes new life into aging vacuum interrupters, preserving their performance and extending their useful life for years.

The world’s first and only vacuum interrupter conditioning program leverages a proprietary, patent-pending process that restores and preserves the deteriorating internal vacuum by several years. We can perform the life-extending process in the shop or field – whichever works best for your application. It uses a combination of high voltage and magnetic fields to eliminate free gas molecules by forcing them to combine with the clean surfaces or other molecules within the interrupter – improving the vacuum.

Field Proven

On August 5, 2020 Vacuum Interrupters, Inc. performed the reconditioning process on an outdoor station-class vacuum circuit breaker at in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. We successfully completed the entire process with the breaker installed. After the reconditioning, the internal pressures of each of the three vacuum interrupters improved by more than one magnitude – for a potential life-extension of five years or more. Group CBS is rolling out the vacuum interrupter extension program at all of our locations. So you have the resources to keep your vacuum interrupters at an acceptable vacuum level for many more years. That helps you extend the life of the circuit breaker, prevent failure, save money and avoid falling victim to run-to-fail outages.

Ready Today

Please contact your local Group CBS affiliate or the Group CBS team responsible for vacuum interrupter conditioning and their Farmers Branch location at 214-442-5884. Let’s fix them before they fail.